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Business Link York & North Yorkshire: Delivering the goods

The Issue

Business Link York & North Yorkshire offer business development and support services for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). They run a series of seminars covering a range of topics of interest for people starting or running a small business and for the last eight years we have been delivering courses on a range of marketing topics.

The problem they have found is that having needed to reduced the seminar time down from a whole day to half a day (three hours), for a variety of valid reasons, it has, nevertheless, made the process of imparting learning much more difficult. Why? Because everyone who comes to a seminar has different needs and with no prior knowledge of what they are, seminar leaders need to find a way of giving delegates appropriate assistance in the time given.

Our Solution

With our proactive and bespoke approach we take the time to do a little homework. Furnished with a list of attending companies we undertake some basic research into the company, its business and marketing methods. On arrival, with a chat over reception coffee, we then tailor our seminars on the spot, specifically for those attending businesses, giving relevant and meaningful help and guidance.

What the clients said

“I want to thank you for the amazing presentation you gave on marketing. It was the best one I have ever heard and really well delivered.” “I would just like to express formally, how much I enjoyed the Practical Marketing Course yesterday, held in York. “I found the course both interesting and friendly, and indeed I gained a lot from it. I have listed twenty one key points (see attached letter), that I am going to act upon within Alphasound, which I am sure will reflect on how our business is run. I look forward to attending more of your courses and would strongly recommend you to other clients.”