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Gap Clothes: Dignity & Diversity

The Big Issue

The Gap warehouse and distribution centre at Rugby serves international business partners and employs a wide range of people from many different countries and cultures. With such a mixed group of people it was felt valuable to emphasise the benefits that every culture and background can bring to the workplace. This objective was placed in the wider context of legislatory demands and the need to invoke the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

Our Solution

With a management team of over thirty and nearly double that in the distribution centre itself it was not an easy task to deliver the same information and messages to everyone, so a series of detailed one day programmes were delivered to the managers, with three hour sessions to the distribution associates, covering day and night shifts.

The Outcome

The success of this programme was seen in the workplace with more consideration given to their colleagues by both management and associates.

What the Client Said

"Employees have given me feedback in that they really enjoyed the course and found you to be an excellent trainer".

The delegates said:

"Very clear and easy to understand"

"Easy to follow, participate, remember. All due to the excellent skills of the tutor"

"Very enjoyable. Mike created a very good working atmosphere"

"Very informative & encouraged participation from everyone"

"I was nervous about speaking, but Mike made me more confident and comfortable"