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GreenTec: People, power and profit

The Issue

Horticultural Supplies provider GreenTec employ about 40 people from telesales to buyers, accounts, administration and warehouse staff; all working to the same end and yet not fully aware of how their actions and behaviour ultimately affect the bottom line of the company.

A warehouse fork lift truck driver may rip open a bag of soil through careless driving and therefore the cost the company money from profit; an accounts colleague delay chasing up a bad debt, a buyer not press for better terms, or a salesperson not thoroughly explore a customer’s needs that may mean further orders and a higher discount bracket.

With an established employees bonus scheme already in place offering a direct link between job function and profitability, GreenTec wanted to reinforce its people’s awareness of just where profit was made and how their behaviour affected it.

Our Solution

The two day course looked at the subject in a broader frame work, including elements that touched everyone. Entitled ‘Understanding Business’ we felt the key was to help the employees understand what makes the business tick and where to focus their efforts, plus enabling everyone to value their contribution to the business in a more accurate and objective way.

The course covered how businesses work, from the cascade down of goals to the importance of profit margins, how you calculate them and what they have to cover. Mixed teams (sale/buying/admin/accounts and warehouse) each received a folder of six customer scenarios tailored specifically for them. They could ring the customer (us) or a supplier (one of the directors) and they had to solve the problem within the scenario. At the end of the day they fed back their approach to each problem to the sales director who came up with an overall winner across the two sessions and awarded a prize to the most effective team.

The Outcome

Follow up sessions are booked for to pick up on the points that came out of the case study exercises and ensure knowledge and good working practices have been embedded.

What The Client Said

"I would like to thank you for an inspiring and beneficial session for the company".