Harrogate Health Care Trust: Diffusing the situation - Coach The Mind
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Harrogate Health Care Trust: Diffusing the situation

The Issue

HHC had a problem with drunk and aggressive people on the wards and in A & E. Already with a self defence programme in place it was felt that to help avoid violence it would be better if staff could use interpersonal skills in a more positive way. We were asked to devise a programme with the title – ‘How to avoid difficult situations’ to cover these types of instances.

Our Solution

Interestingly we quickly found that many of the delegates had different sorts of difficult situations to deal with than we had envisaged. We discovered that what concerned over 70% of delegates were difficult or awkward colleagues, grumpy patients in clinics when they were running late, opinionated relatives seeking the best for family members and people on the telephone having difficulty changing appointments. But whatever the situation there is a clear process that people go through with anger and if we know the process and can see the signs, we can ‘nip them in the bud early’ and diffuse the situation.

The Outcome

This highly successful course has run for the last four years and we are booking into 2010, plus extending the programme to cover handling people with mental health conditions and those with special needs.

What the client said

"An enjoyable and enlightening day extremely well put over by the facilitator who was sensitive and responsive to the needs of the audience. I now have greater understanding of the process and can therefore respond accordingly."