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You can discuss workplace behavioural issues with us so we can shape bespoke training courses to resolve them.

We can help you select the best courses for your staff

As well as being asked to deliver new learning and insight to organisations, we are also called upon to help businesses handle issues such as worker engagement and organisational change.

We are also asked in to discuss workplace behavioural issues before any training intervention is considered, so that we are aware of the issues within the business that the possible learning solution is trying to resolve.

Learning solutions are often decided upon before all the courses are laid out for consideration by the training provider, this can often course the wrong solution being given as a ‘sticking plaster’, rather than a lasting solution being sought.

Our consultancy service identifies issues causing workplace problems that needs to be resolved.

our approach to business training
our bespoke training courses

Helping Develop Future Greenkeeper Managers

The British Institute of Golf Greenkeepers in conjunction with the global turf management equipment supply Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd decided to create an elite academy for new managers in the turf management sector.

The programme was focused on a three-day intensive programme of management learning, which took place at the Ransomes Jacobsen UK head office.

We were asked to look at how the learning process may be improved to ensure maximum understanding and learning uptake from the people participating.

We have worked in the turf management field before and had a significant amount of insight into the way people involved in that sector would take on information well. This led to the redrafting of the plans for the first two days of the programme, giving greater emphasis to hands on activities rather than classroom-based learning.

This meant that our team had to develop new learning exercises and methods to communicate complex management ideas in a simple and easy to understand way.

This led to an innovative range of techniques being deployed over the first two days of the programme, as well as, the introduction of a small group mentoring process and a special presentation event at the evening dinner.

Michael Astrop Training

Consultancy testimonial

Michael Astrop is an inspirational and innovative trainer. His enthusiasm is infectious, engaging with the audience and leading them through powerful and impactful training. Michael works closely with us to ensure that he clearly understands the desired learning outcomes. He provides inventive and novel solutions that help to underpin the knowledge. I highly recommend Coach the Mind and its principal, Michael Astrop, he’s both professional and delightful to work with.

Sami Strutt, Head of Member Development for BIGGA