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Emotion Over Facts

Emotion Over Facts

Emotion Over Facts

Daniel Kahneman, a professor of psychology from Princeton University (I believe) won the Nobel prize for Economics (of all things) in 2002 for showing/proving that, as humans, we behave emotionally first and rationally second.

This is very powerful stuff, because, if you believe it to be true at the emotional level all well and good, but for sceptics who feel they are, or would like to think they are, rational – then rationally they should agree that they behave emotionally first as the research of Kahneman and his associates was carried out over a thirty year period, was exhaustive and scientifically valid.

In 2008 Dan Ariely who worked at MIT wrote an excellent book (that I talk about in latest thinking) called ‘Predictably Irrational’ which does a whole range of experiments to prove Kahneman’s point again.

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