Our Approach - Coach The Mind
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Our Approach

An individual approach

We are all unique, all individuals with different skills, gifts and routes to deal with life’s many challenges.

Every course we offer, regardless of whether your needs are personal or professional, is tailored specifically for you or your team’s unique situation and challenges.

Training to match the challenge

With a fresh, experienced and objective eye, we’ll explore your organisational activities, from the board room down, acting as organisational psychologists to ensure the root causes of any issues are resolved rather then just addressing obvious symptoms with a short term ‘sticking plaster’ approach.

mike astrop coach

Having been involved in researching, coaching and speaking about the impact of organisational design and structure for over 20 years, I know that if the fundamentals are not right then it can have profound effects on everyone in the organisation. At Coach the Mind we always seek to begin with the basics - ensuring a strong foundation is essential.

Founder and Managing Director
Michael Astrop

Find out more about what can offer you in the development of Management Leadership and Teams. Behavioural Change and Business Coaching.

Offering current research and latest thinking, from one-to-one mentoring for behavioural change, to group work and motivational speaking, team building events, telephone sales training and supervisor training.

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