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Our objective is to give your employees tools and techniques that they can take back into the workplace, and use the very next day to improve how they do their job

Tailored training for your business

Selecting the right training courses for you and your employees is not as straightforward as it seems.

The courses you select should be driven by the needs of your business. Even if selecting common training programmes they will still need to be adapted to suit the industry you are in.

All good training companies should talk to you about what is behind your request so they can help you chose the best option.

Sharing learning is not an end in itself, it is just the beginning of the process by which each and every participant changes the way they do things in the light of the learning they have acquired.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients pick the right training, delivering it, and challenging attendees to change and improve in the long term.

our approach to business training
our bespoke training courses

Open Courses

All of our open courses are held in the North of England and details are listed on the ‘find-a-course‘ website. Group sizes are often just five or six to ensure the best learning experience.

Michael Astrop Training

In-House Training

Our in-company training solutions provide you with the greatest value for money. They help you to reduce the price per person, yet still have a tailored course for your organisation.

Tailored Coaching

Our tailored coaching provides you with an opportunity to focus on your specific requirements. You can adapt the coaching to your business culture. Coaching can be provided, on or off site.

Time Management and Improving Productivity

This popular training course is usually high on most organisations wish list as it trains staff to do more with less. We are not precious about the tools used – Apps, Software, or written lists –  as long as the lessons learned are applied.

Conference testimonials

Maybe the best way to sum up our “Time Management and Improving Productivity” course is in the words of delegates from the marketing department of a global confectionery business a course delivered in May 2019.

It was excellent, the tutor was really inspirational.

The course was fantastic - it could not be improved.

Mike was a lovely and really fun. He knew his stuff and I really enjoyed the day.

I will take many tools and techniques away from this comprehensive programme that I know I will apply next week when I return to the office.”

Our courses

Corporate Development

A small selection of the corporate development programmes we have written and run regularly.

Personal Development

You can select from our personal development training courses that help improve you as an individual.

Sales & Marketing

We run a variety of marketing and sales courses to get the most out of your staff.

Skills & Factual

Training the ranges from time management through to creative thinking fine tune your skills.