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Corporate Development

Adaptable Leadership

A two-day course exploring creative and adaptable leadership techniques to improve and inspire; increasing achievement and performance in personal and team based work.

Adaptable Leadership training course details »

An Introduction to Communication Skills for Managers

A highly interactive two-day programme seeking to improve confidence and communication skills; including interpersonal, presentational, verbal and non-verbal communication in business.

An Introduction to Communication Skills for Managers training course details »

Essential Supervisory Skills

For those with no formal supervisory training, or who are new to supervisory management, this one-day bespoke course covers the nature, role and approach of today’s supervisors. The programme includes guidelines for management of projects, teams and importantly motivational skills and problem solving techniques.

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Managing People & Effective Delegation

This incisive two-day programme for senior managers tackles the range of skills required for effective management and delegation. Using a repertoire of techniques, delegates explore their own behaviour and range of skills; enhancing personal performance, adaptability and proactive support for teams, plus participants are offered a suite of practical tools for effective and efficient time management.

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Managing Strategic Change

Our constantly shifting business environment throws up challenges, be it from external influences or businesses proactive attempts to seize opportunities. This powerful programme looks at the issues surrounding change and the skills required to engage, manage and maintain the new momentum it brings.

Managing Strategic Change training course details »

‘ACE’ Performance Programme for Team Leaders

Effective team leaders need more than a great knowledge of their products or services, they need to operate at a high level within their organisational structure, lead their team and develop their personal potential. Aligned, Creative and Exploring: this programme seeks to produce young leaders that support, lead and maximise the energy of their teams and themselves.

‘ACE’ Performance Programme for Team Leaders training course details »

Management Development Programme

Developed for ‘first line’ managers, this three-day programme will develop the participants’ ability to support, lead, manage and empower others through better communication with a positive and proactive approach.

Management Development Programme training course details »

Managing Stress for Yourself and Your Team

Spot the signs, understand the causes and effectively deal with stress in the work place – this programme helps managers deal with the negative symptoms of stress, to manage them and ultimately improve performance and quality of life for themselves and their team.

Managing Stress for Yourself and Your Team training course details »

Managing Through People

Through a series of formal content and exercises, this one-day course seeks to help today’s managers respond, support, inspire and empower their team throughout a range of different situations.

Managing Through People training course details »

Strategic Management

The process of managing business strategically is not something that many companies are thought to be very good at, resulting in a lack of strategic clarity… For established managers, this intensive programme takes an in depth look at strategic awareness, creation, leadership and implementation, offering delegates a sound knowledge of business strategy and how the tools of strategic management are best applied.

Strategic Management training course details »

Developing and Managing Teams

Developed in the right way, teams are a powerful tool for solving product and corporate problems. Designed to show how to create well balanced and effective teams, this two-day course also looks at leadership styles, motivation and delegation as key drivers for success.

Developing and Managing Teams training course details »

Improving Time Management & Reducing Stress

Achieving a greater mastery of time can be a major contributor to reducing stress. This powerful programme explores the ways through which participants can take stock of their current life practices and explore techniques for gaining greater control over how they spend their time.

Improving Time Management & Reducing Stress training course details »

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

This interesting, non-challenging one-day course covers topics including: current legislation, identification of prejudice and awareness of cultural differences. Seeking to bring an increased awareness and respect for colleagues and leading to an improved productive and supportive environment for employer and employee.

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace training course details »

Coaching and Performance Management

A combination of formal content, experiential workshop activities and exercises, this programme seeks to help managers and team leaders become more aware of their own skills and how to identify and nurture those of their teams.

Coaching and Performance Management training course details »

Achieving an Effective Work-Life Balance

For those wishing to achieve this and/or introduce it into the work place, this interesting and powerful one-day programme looks at the individual, corporate and community benefits of the effective planning, implementation and maintenance of a work-life balance approach.

Achieving an Effective Work-Life Balance training course details »