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Personal Development

Presenting a Positive Total Image

This highly interactive programme combines formal content, workshop activities and individual exercises to improve personal effectiveness and confidence.  From self-worth, communication and assertiveness to active listening – ensure you and your team give the right impression first time, every time.

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Developing and Using Assertive Behaviour

This one-day practical and informative programme seeks to explore and improve face-to-face and telephone communication.  Seeking to help participants recognise a range of verbal and non-verbal behaviours, participants will also learn how to handle and diffuse difficult situations in a positive manner.

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Basic Communication Skills

Understanding and employing both verbal and non-verbal styles of communication well and appropriately builds confidence and good business.  This one-day programme is a great introduction to the importance and effectiveness of good communication at all staff levels.

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Effective Face to Face Communication

An incisive programme exploring human behaviour and communication in different situations, offering participants a range of tools and ideas to help guide and improve their own skills combined with a greater understanding of others’ needs.

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Improving Interpersonal Relationships

Valuable at all levels of staff, this highly interactive one-day programme seeks to explore, inform and encourage positive communication skills throughout the work place, including ways to deal with negative behaviour and minimise conflict.

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Anger Management

Misdirected, inappropriate or disproportionate – anger can affect a person’s decision making and performance.  Offering a better understanding of the causes of anger, plus a range of practical coping techniques, this programme is delivered in two or four half-day segments and is designed for small groups or one-to-one sessions for those who have difficulty in controlling their anger.

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