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Sales & Marketing

Confident Face to Face and Telephone Sales Skills

A one-day course to improve confidence and skills with a positive attitude and enhanced understanding of non-verbal and interpersonal communication.

Confident Face to Face and Telephone Sales Skills training course details »

Reception and Inbound Telephone Skills

A one-day programme for all telephone users who hold the reputation of the company in their hands.

Reception and Inbound Telephone Skills training course details »

Selling Professional Services

An intensive two-day course specifically designed for people who initiate and develop business in professional firms, enabling participants to obtain new business successfully and get the most out of existing clients.

Selling Professional Services training course details »

The Advanced Sales Programme

A one or two-day programme for experienced sales professional that want to consolidate their own experience and put the modern complex sales process into a true perspective with a greater understanding of what can give bigger, better and more sales success.

The Advanced Sales Programme training course details »

Generating New Ideas for Business

A one-day seminar for a maximum of eight people addressing the often over emphasis on the screening and testing of ad hoc ideas, rather than recognising the need for a process of producing new workable, quality ideas within an ongoing development programme. It will look at the dynamics of group creativity and show how more beneficial results can be achieved to meet the company’s strategic marketing demands.

Generating New Ideas for Business training course details »

Media Planning, Monitoring & Campaign Evaluation

A one-day programme that looks at how media campaigns are planned, monitored on an ongoing basis and results evaluated. Particular attention is paid to direct response campaigns and both above and below the line media are considered.

Media Planning, Monitoring & Campaign Evaluation training course details »

The Essentials of Developing Customers By Telephone

To give participants an insight in how the telephone can be used as a powerful sales tool, this one-day programme, with follow up sessions, is for people who use the telephone as a part of their every day customer communications and have a need to follow up and develop new business opportunities. Course details… Key Account Management A one or two-day programme designed for those involved in the ongoing management and development of major customers.

The Essentials of Developing Customers By Telephone training course details »

Managing the Media

Anyone involved in business today can suddenly find themselves in front of a microphone or a camera and the reaction to questioning can have a significant effect on the public’s perception of our product or service. This programme ? -day programme delivers, in a practical way, methods how people involved in business can prepare for and carry it out an effective media interview.

Managing the Media training course details »

Database Marketing

A focused half-day session giving delegates an insight into the business benefits of using an integrated customer database to maximise opportunities and profit; together with an introduction as to how to create one.

Database Marketing training course details »

Networking to Develop New Business Opportunities

A full day course is designed to give executives an insight into the way business can be acquired and developed by using a social network. It involves skill and technique acquisition with practical workshop exercises.

Networking to Develop New Business Opportunities training course details »

The Sales Managers Training Programme

Sales people are often promoted to sales managers at a rapid rate and whilst the intermediate stage of ‘product trainer’ is used in some cases to assess people’s qualities, this has not always been possible or suitable. Therefore this training programme looks at developing individuals’ leadership and motivational qualities, as well as ensuring that they understand how and why they should use the management tools provided.

The Sales Managers Training Programme training course details »

Developing Promotional Literature

An incisive and focussed half day training course to enable participants to prepare their own promotional material.

Developing Promotional Literature training course details »