Developing Promotional Literature - Coach The Mind
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Developing Promotional Literature

An incisive and focussed half day training course to enable participants to prepare their own promotional material.


To show how promotional literature is prepared and give participants the practical opportunity to apply basic techniques to their own promotional literature requirements.


At the end of the training course participants will be able to:

  • Prepare a market-orientated basis for literature structures
  • Design literature to suit application needs
  • Write copy and prepare design formats for promotional literature
  • Relate literature designs to economic printing methods


Topics to include:

  • The key questions to ask of any product or service
  • Matching the different types of literature to their use
  • The most effective headline approaches
  • The structure and design of body copy
  • What types of illustration match product, media and markets
  • The development and application of corporate structure
  • Ways of preparing literature to suit budgets and purpose
  • Obtaining and evaluating print quotations
  • Evaluating and using freelance designers and consultants

Duration and delivery

This half-day seminar will show the techniques to produce literature and delegates are encouraged to bring along existing or planned literature. Delegates own requirements will be considered both during and after the seminar. A complete workbook is provided for future reference.