Managing the Media - Coach The Mind
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Managing the Media

Anyone involved in business today can suddenly find themselves in front of a microphone or a camera and the reaction to questioning can have a significant effect on the public’s perception of our product or service. This programme delivers, in a practical way, methods how people involved in business can prepare for and carry out, an effective media interview.


  • To develop clear objectives for all communication
  • To prepare a range of approaches and alternative positions to be adopted
  • To carry out a clear communications strategy under interview conditions
  • To understand and use a range of techniques in different media circumstances
  • To deal effectively when handling questioning and criticism by the media


Topics will include:

  • Planning comment and interviews with print, radio and television
  • Understanding the media’s approach to interviews
  • Dealing effectively with difficult questioning
  • Knowing the key steps of handling a crisis situation
  • Turning the tables in conflict situations
  • Getting your message across in a limited amount of time
  • Using and reading body language in a media interview
  • Giving the media a good story that is the one you wish to communicate
  • Becoming a media spokesperson

Method of Training

The training approach will be a combination of formal delivery, workshop exercises and simulated situation role plays using video and audio recording equipment. A full set of notes and a workbook is supplied that can be used as point of reference for future real life situations.