Media Planning, Monitoring & Campaign Evaluation - Coach The Mind
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Media Planning, Monitoring & Campaign Evaluation

A one day programme that looks at how media campaigns are planned, monitored on an ongoing basis and results evaluated. Particular attention is paid to direct response campaigns and both above and below the line media are considered.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to plan a media schedule geared to specific response and creative goals
  • Identify cost effective media related to targets markets
  • Know how to prepare budgets
  • Adopt suitable timings patterns
  • Monitor campaigns and take appropriate action if needed
  • Evaluate campaigns against specific measures

Content Topics to include:

  • Formulating media budgets
  • Building a test plan
  • Factors affecting the response curve
  • Selecting media and appropriate sizes for goals and budgets (press, radio, TV and outdoor – consumer, trade and business to business)
  • Methods of scheduling for different types of products and services
  • Designing a media schedule to meet enquiry/sales targets
  • Assessing direct mail, door to door and web media
  • Response rates and what can affect them
  • Reviewing schedules on an ongoing basis and steps that can be taken to improve performance
  • Devising a ‘snatch’ formula for DM products
  • Evaluating campaigns against various criteria.

Training Methods and Course Material

The programme will be a combination of formal content and exercises. A workbook is provided that will be used in the sessions and is a useful source of future reference.