Networking to Develop New Business Opportunities - Coach The Mind
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Networking to Develop New Business Opportunities

A full day course is designed to give executives an insight into the way business can be acquired and developed by using a social network. It involves skill and technique acquisition with practical workshop exercises.

Aims of the Course

To introduce people to networking as a long term way to develop new business opportunities and how they can use it to improve their own performance.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the two way nature of truly beneficial networking
  • Be able to create the conditions needed to start a networking programme
  • Know the dynamics of networking and apply them
  • Develop and nurture a productive network
  • Manage themselves as a network resource
  • Be prepared for the changes successful networking can bring.


Topics to include:

  • What networking is not and what it really is all about
  • Being prepared to share your problems and help with other people’s
  • Know the potential of a true network and how to realise it
  • The three P’s of an effective network
  • How to reap the benefits from your network
  • Setting up and planning a network
  • Developing your network through personal and public contacts
  • Attending events and running your own
  • Remembering names and powerful introductions
  • How to become an active and perceptive listener
  • Seeking help from the network and acknowledging success with it
  • The importance of maintaining and adding to your network
  • Gain value from every contact and give referrals to them
  • Making networking a way of life
  • The twenty top tips to make networking an effective business tool.

Training Methods and Attendees

On average each of the course takes a maximum of six people, this enables role-plays to be done and a satisfactory interaction achieved with all delegates. Exercises, workshops and role-play activities support the elements of the training programme.