Reception & Inbound Telephone Skills - Coach The Mind
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Reception & Inbound Telephone Skills

A one-day programme for all telephone users who hold the reputation of the company in their hands.


As a result of attending the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the image they create for the organisation
  • Respond effectively to incoming calls and recognise sales opportunities
  • Identify professional techniques and standards for incoming/outgoing calls
  • Communicate clearly and positively on the telephone
  • Use a range of techniques to develop more and better relationships with customers
  • Deal positively with customer complaints and use them as opportunities to reinforce business relationships for the future
  • Make their approach more customer friendly


Topics will include:

  • Reviewing first impression skills
  • Developing a customer orientated approach
  • Understanding the pivotal importance of the receptionist
  • Communication on the telephone
  • The importance of a professional approach at all time
  • Use of words and tone of voice
  • Awareness of how our behaviours and attitude affects others
  • Customer care – who are our customers
  • Professional telephone behaviour
  • Essential telephone skills – listening, questioning
  • Controlling calls using an assertive approach

Training Methods

A combination of formal content, exercises, recorded role-play activity, feedback and analysis.