Selling Professional Services - Coach The Mind
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Selling Professional Services

An intensive two-day course specifically designed for people who initiate and develop business in professional firms, enabling participants to obtain new business successfully and get the most out of existing clients.


At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand what is being sold
  • Know how to generate leads
  • Obtain meetings
  • Using questions
  • Persuade without selling
  • Know how to prepare and present proposals
  • Answer objections
  • Obtain the required commitment
  • Develop external coaches
  • The importance of covering all the bases and seeing the warning signs
  • Develop clients


Topics will include:

  • Effective prospecting
  • Planning for the meeting and using specific objectives
  • Vital questions to ask on a first meeting
  • Understanding the client’s needs and the implications of them
  • Preparing proposals that communicate
  • Deciding on the right way to present proposals
  • Developing benefits logically to the client’s needs
  • Dealing with questions then reading non-verbal and coded language
  • Answering objections and the competition
  • Confirming the decision making process and how it works
  • Ending the meeting with the required commitment
  • Managing clients for more and better business

Training Methods and Delegates

On average each of the course takes a maximum of six people, this enables role-plays to be done and a satisfactory interaction achieved with all delegates. The elements of the training programme are supported by:

  • Exercises
  • Workshops
  • Role play activities