The Advanced Sales Programme - Coach The Mind
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The Advanced Sales Programme

A one or two-day programme for experienced sales professional that want to consolidate their own experience and put the modern complex sales process into a true perspective with a greater understanding of what can give bigger, better and more sales success.


Topics that will be covered are:

  • The psychology of selling
  • Self-concept, the master approach to a top performance
  • Mental make-up, the three selves
  • The major obstacles to success
  • Modifying self image
  • Strategic thinking in sales
  • Consulting versus selling
  • The seven mental laws of selling

Prospecting – keeping the sales pipeline full

  • The four types of prospect
  • Sources of prospects
  • Prospecting for large customers
  • Prospecting on the telephone

Strategic planning for sales

  • Situation analysis
  • Company analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Critical success factors
  • Strategic planning made simple
  • Using the ‘milestone’ method

The four stages of the complex sales process

  • Building a character and trusting relationship
  • The friendship factor
  • The key steps of relationship building
  • Credibility versus complete credibility
  • Questioning that keeps in touch
  • Benefits that make the customer say ‘yes’
  • Ensuring the right type of commitment

Motivating people to buy

  • Primary and secondary motivators
  • Understanding the customers map
  • Hot button selling
  • The four immutable aspects of products or services
  • Demotivators and barriers

Making powerful presentations

  • Identifying the different parts of the DMU and relating to them
  • Starting strong and getting to the heart of the problem
  • The askers will always win – staying and asking
  • Using testimonials to overcome hesitancy
  • Presenting solutions
  • The law of four
  • The magic wand technique
  • Speaking hypothetically
  • Imprinting
  • Presentation tools and the process

Getting commitment – the end game

  • The role of objections
  • The law of six
  • Responding difficult questions with timing
  • Buying signs and other things we often miss
  • The ten requirements to get commitment
  • Keeping customers going up the ladder

 Training Method and Duration

A combination of formal input, workshop exercises and videos, delivered over a one day period or with role play activities over two days.