The Sales Managers Training Programme - Coach The Mind
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The Sales Managers Training Programme

Sales people are often promoted to sales managers at a rapid rate and whilst the intermediate stage of ‘product trainer’ is used in some cases to assess people’s qualities, this has not always been possible or suitable. Therefore this training programme looks at developing individuals’ leadership and motivational qualities, as well as ensuring that they understand how and why they should use the management tools provided.


Therefore the objectives of the programme are to:

  • Show the qualities that are needed to be an effective field sales manager
  • Evaluate and improve communication skills
  • Demonstrate how you motivate people to ensure they desire to be successful
  • Show the value and importance of planning and organisational skills
  • Outline the responsibilities of leadership and how they can be applied
  • Show how to instil the supportive success ethic and build individual performance within the team structure
  • Give a clear method and rationale for using the one to one tools
  • Encourage and develop the coaching skill
  • Monitor and evaluate the current and future potential of candidates.


The course will cover the following topics:

  • The qualities of a Sales Manager
  • How we communicate and the barriers to that process
  • Body language and the games people play
  • Planning to manage the planning – the five key ingredients of the planning process
  • Organising the salesperson to carry out the plan
  • Five conflict handling styles and how they should be use
  • Leadership styles and the 12 core skills of a leader
  • Coaching leadership – the sale manager as a developer of sales people
  • Making decisions – how to approach them
  • The improvement of performance and skill reinforcement
  • Measurement by objectives and goal setting
  • The five stages of the feedback interview
  • Sales management checklist and tools

Method of Training

The delivery method would be a combination of formal delivery, workshops and role play.