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Skills & Factual

An Introduction to Emergency Planning

A one to two-day programme for those unfamiliar with emergency planning: participants will gain an understanding of how to access and implement vital procedures for the safety of staff and reduction of business interruption and costs resulting from an emergency.

An Introduction to Emergency Planning training course details »

How to Anticipate and Manage Business Risks

Caught off guard by a crisis a business’s finances and reputation can quickly be put under considerable pressure…  During this one to two-day programme participants will explore accessing ‘risk’, systemic weaknesses and the development of contingency plans.  Risk management deals with the reality of the crisis; crisis communications deals with the perception of the reality and this programme deals with it all.

How to Anticipate and Manage Business Risks training course details »

Basic Project Management Techniques

Designed for those new to project management, this focused two-day programme offers participants a sound understanding of the role and tool kit of skills for an effective Project Manager.  Participants will also undertake practical skills and techniques to enhance confidence in the management and control of any project.

Basic Project Management Techniques training course details »

Counselling Skills in the Workplace

Delivered over one full day and two half-day sessions, this superb programme is for anyone who uses counselling techniques within their job: dealing with people under stress or having difficulty achieving employment goals.  Also looking at self development, awareness, values and beliefs – a good way to re-visit basic skills.

Counselling Skills in the Workplace training course details »

Creative Thinking

This one-day programme is designed to offer managers greater flexibility in their thinking and creativity; looking at problems in a fresh way, challenging assumptions and generating innovative ideas.

Creative Thinking training course details »

Crisis Management

Designed over two days and offering a combination of formal content, experiential workshop activities, exercises and a workbook, participants will explore crisis planning, media communications and cost of intervention. Including prevention strategies and the types of people best suited to work on crisis management teams.

Crisis Management training course details »

Effective Letter Writing

Even with all today’s electronic communications, letter writing skills are still a very important aid to business and a glaring flaw in customer service if incorrectly attempted.  This one-day programme, incorporating formal and practical work is designed to help participants write accomplished, positive letters efficiently, with plenty of good tips to take away.

Effective Letter Writing training course details »

Facilitation Skills

For those people seeking to stretch and get the very best from their teams, this highly effective one-day programme allows participants to explore different approaches, deal with disagreements and build an environment of mutual support to sustain productivity.

Facilitation Skills training course details »

Facilitation Skills for Professionals

For those already involved in facilitation and wishing to refresh and update their skills, this in-depth, one-day programme includes work on group dynamics, individuals’ needs, maintaining creativity, information analysis, conflict and support issues.

Facilitation Skills for Professionals training course details »

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Designed for managers who require a sound understanding of finance but do not hail from an accounting background.  This highly interactive and practical programme demystifies finance and bins the jargon to ensure that participants can understand and use the financial information they are presented with correctly and effectively.

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager training course details »

Delivering Successful Presentations

Never delivered a presentation before or looking to improve your skills?  This two-day programme will arm you with all the necessary tools to deliver an effective, stress free presentation to a group, report to a board, or simply talk to a team.  From planning to visual aids and dealing with nerves, includes role plays, analysis, supporting exercises and a detailed workbook.

Delivering Successful Presentations training course details »

Delivering Successful Presentations II

For participants who have never delivered a presentation or those who would like to improve their skills, this in-depth course is designed to give participants a range of presentation experiences culminating in: preparing and structuring a business presentation, delivering the presentation to a work related case study, having the presentation reviewed by the group or video.

Delivering Successful Presentations II training course details »

Successful Negotiation Skills

Delivered over two-days this highly focused programme is designed for senior and middle managers involved in both internal and external negotiations.  A structured methodology and range of supporting skills are offered, plus a range of strategies outlined, as participants are encouraged to make use of their own strengths to improve negotiating techniques.

Successful Negotiation Skills training course details »

Preparing and Writing Reports

Designed for all levels of staff, this bespoke course offers participants a systematic approach to report preparation and structure, plus lots of useful techniques for high quality, consistent report presentation.

Preparing and Writing Reports training course details »

Work Process Mapping

Nothing can be more frustrating than feeling you know the problem, but cannot find the cause.  Work process mapping enables organisations to map out the most efficient and effective methods of performing particular tasks and, as such, is an important and powerful tool. Participants are encouraged to bring ‘real time’ problems to the session to be used as a focus for workshops.

Work Process Mapping training course details »

Appraisal Interviewing Skills

A one-day course with formal content, workshop activities and exercises this programme is designed to provide participants with the tools to improve staff performance through meaningful performance reviews.  Course objectives include: examining the nature and need of reviews, planning and preparation, interview skills, confidence building and feedback.

Appraisal Interviewing Skills training course details »

Problem Solving Techniques

This focused one-day programme is designed for experienced managers and supervisors who wish to improve their problem solving skills.  Participants are encouraged to bring a number of ‘models’ for problem solving.  The programme includes exploration of different techniques, plus, structured and team approaches applied to ‘real life’ and different work situations.

Problem Solving Techniques training course details »