An Introduction to Emergency Planning - Coach The Mind
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An Introduction to Emergency Planning

A one-day course for people who have no prior knowledge of emergency planning, but who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of the processes and procedures.


Because emergencies will always occur people need to be protected and the detailed planning for emergencies is the road map that enables managers to safeguard workers, reduce business interruptions, and contain costs.

This programme can be extended to two days to cover evacuation plans and planning for disruption caused by fire, water and smoke.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Know how to assess the current situation
  • Evaluate potential areas of threat
  • Prepare an emergency plan
  • Carry out basic risk assessment
  • Test emergency plans

Course Content

Topics to include:

  • Why Are Emergency And Disaster Contingency Plans Important?
  • The importance of Emergency and Contingency Plans
  • Crises, emergencies and disasters
  • Risk analysis and vulnerability assessment within a business
  • Identifying problems in the planning process
  • Basic principles of planning
  • Assessing your planning needs
  • Planning for the safety of people
  • Securing managements support for a plan
  • Writing a plan
  • Testing procedures for emergency plans

Training Methods and Course Material

The programme itself will be a combination of formal content and exercises.  A workbook will be provided for the session.