Appraisal Interviewing Skills - Coach The Mind
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Appraisal Interviewing Skills

For managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to make performance appraisals work within the context of maintaining and developing continuous high performance.

Course aims

This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to improve the performance of staff by conducting meaningful performance reviews.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Examine the nature of performance management/appraisal and establish how to get the best from the team
  • Understand the need for clear, realistic objectives and key result areas
  • Know how to measure competencies
  • Improve focus and results by setting measurable targets
  • Use a systematic approach when planning and preparing for and conducting the pro-interview meeting and one-to-ones
  • Develop and practice interviewing skills
  • Conduct appraisal interviews with confidence


Topics to include:

  • The purpose of reviewing performance: trends in the operation of performance management! appraisal schemes, including competencies
  • Identifying the benefits and pitfalls of managing performance
  • Establishing clear objectives and standards of performance: key results areas and targets
  • Aligning organisational and team objectives with individual objectives/targets
  • Preparing or the interview: considering past, current and future performance and identifying developmental training/support needs
  • The skills of appraisal interviewing: setting the right tone and atmosphere, using the right questions to invite self-appraisal and get valid evidence, listening skills.
  • Appraising poor performers whilst maintaining their self-esteem and commitment to continuous improvement
  • Gaining commitment to action plans and future one-to-ones

Training Methods, Duration and Attendees

A one-day course with formal content, workshop activities and exercises.