Basic Project Management Techniques - Coach The Mind
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Basic Project Management Techniques


Anyone who is new to project management.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the role and skills of an effective Project Manager. A number of practical skills and techniques will have been explored to enhance confidence in the management and control of any project.


  • Understanding Project Management
  • Defining Project Management
  • Understanding the Role of the Project Manager
  • Skills of the Effective Project Manager
  • The Project Life Cycle
  • A Structured Approach to Project Management 
  • Defining the Project; Setting Objectives, Scoping & Identifying Constraints

Planning Your Project

  • Using Tools & Techniques to Plan Your Project
  • Planning Tasks, Activities & Resources
  • Identifying Risks & Contingency Planning 
  • Using Your Project Plan to Estimate Time & Costs

Project Control

  • Tracking Tasks, Activities & Resources to Monitor Performance
  • Solving Problems & Making Decisions
  • Handling Change Requests
  • Manipulating Project Information; Reporting & Charting
  • Effective Project Communication


2 days – the first day being explanation of the concepts and the second day application to a live project