Preparing and Writing Reports - Coach The Mind
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Preparing and Writing Reports

For people at all levels who wish to be able to collect and collate information, then be able to write reports well and easily.

As all courses are designed for the company’s circumstances, the type of reports envisaged and the content would be considered when the course is developed.

Course Outline

This course is designed to help participants learn a systematic approach to report preparation, along with techniques to plan, structure and produce logical documents that achieve the intended objective.

Key Topics

The course will cover the following key areas:

  • The essentials of a good report
  • Fundamental structure
  • Focusing on the purpose and the reader
  • Assembling material
  • Collating the material and planning the framework
  • Drafting the document
  • Editing the document
  • Producing the final version 

Method of Training

Before the course we would ask for sight of typical documents the participants would normally prepare and the method of drafting used (i.e. by hand, audio dictation, lap top or PC). This would enable the programme to be targeted from the start and the key issues immediately addressed. The course would be in two parts: formal input of methodology and technique followed by a case exercise to apply the skills discussed.