Problem Solving Techniques - Coach The Mind
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Problem Solving Techniques

A one-day programme designed to provide Managers and Supervisors with the knowledge to understand the process and provide a number of ‘models’ for problem solving. 

Objectives of the Course

As a result of attending the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand and differentiate between different problem solving techniques
  • Apply a number of different problem solving techniques to ‘real life’ situations
  • Apply a structured step by step approach to problem solving
  • Understand an effective team approach to problem solving
  • Plan to use the techniques in different work situations

Course Content

Topics will include:

  • The nine stage problem solving process
  • Analysing the environment
  • Recognising and defining the problem
  • Identification techniques include:
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Why – why diagram
  • Pattern definition
  • Re-definition
  • Making assumptions
  • Preparing to problem solve – changing the way we think
  • Transforming problems: tools and techniques:
  • Past solutions
  • Usage box
  • Napoleon techniques
  • Organised random search
  • Personal analogies
  • Ransom idea generation
  • Applying the right approach to each situation
  • Individual and syndicate exercises using case studies and current issues, to allow skill practice.

Duration, Material and Training Methods

The one-day programme will be a combination of formal content, workshops activities and exercises. A course with a workbook including helpful aids for future reference is supplied.