Successful Negotiation Skills - Coach The Mind
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Successful Negotiation Skills

A two-day programme designed for senior and middle managers involved in using negotiation skills with staff, outside suppliers, unions and new clients.

Objectives of the Course

As a result of attending the course participants will be able to:

  • Increase awareness of different approaches to negotiation
  • Develop successful negotiation strategies
  • Develop techniques for opening and developing negotiations 

Course Outline

This course gives a structured methodology and range of supporting skills for any negotiation situation. A range of strategies is outlined and participants are encouraged to make use of their own strengths and evaluate the position of the other party. The course gives specific tactics to employ and seek an outcome that is beneficial to their organisation.

Key Topics

The course will cover the following key areas:

  • Negotiation styles and the qualities found in negotiation
  • Different types of negotiation situations
  • The essential skills of the negotiator
  • The five stages of the negotiation process
  • The importance of planning and information in the process
  • The establishment of strategy and roles
  • The deployment of tactics and bargaining
  • Understanding body language and NVCs
  • Developing a positive negotiating style
  • Overcoming obstacles and maintaining course
  • Completing the negotiation satisfactorily 

Method of Training

The course is a combination of theoretical delivery with exercises supporting the individual learning components and a major negotiation exercise on the second day.