Work Process Mapping - Coach The Mind
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Work Process Mapping

This course provides the tools to identify, analyse and, if required improve processes. The programme will offer the methodology to document the flow of a process from initiation to completion and provide a focal point from which to analyse the opportunities for improvement. Process mapping is also a useful technique to map simple new projects or review ones that are repeated regularly.

Course Content

Topics to include:

  • Understanding process mapping and its importance
  • How to analyse processes
  • Establishing process if none exists
  • Collecting current process issues
  • Evaluating process constraints and risks
  • Identify measurement criteria
  • Collecting and analysing data
  • Build a new process map

Training Methods and Numbers

To allow participants to experience and as many techniques as possible this programme works best in a workshop environment, so we would recommend a maximum of 12 people if this approach were desired. Participants are encouraged to bring real time problems to the session and they can be used as a focus for the workshops with actual process maps resulting and possible solutions arrived at.