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Types of Attitudes

types of attitude

Types of Attitudes

Having been taught to define ‘attitude’ as ‘a predisposition to form an opinion’ one can see how attitude may mould behaviour.  But, especially in the context of ‘change management’,  I was also taught there may be at least three quite different types of attitude:

  1. Cognitive (e.g. ‘I know that when April 6th comes round we shall have a new tax year’)
  2. Conative (e.g. ‘I know that when I put my hand in the fire, it will hurt’)
  3. Affective (e.g. ‘I #know# all managers are horrid’)

When times change, changing cognitive and conative attitudes can be relatively easy, but changing affective attitudes may be extraordinarily hard (even if essential! – to secure enduring change), and to do so, one has to go right back to identify what produced them, before they may be modified.

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