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Leadership Development

Leaders are born and then made

Although we all have natural strengths, weaknesses and personal preferences, no one is born knowing how to lead a team, inspire others and achieve goals.

Great leaders are made as, in the course of their lives, they gradually acquire the understanding, skills and behaviours that make them effective. All these things can be learnt at any point, by anyone with the clarity of thinking, strength of will and personal motivation to do it. We start all leadership development programmes by working with an organisation to understand what it is they are trying to achieve and what outcomes they desire. In this way we can help them understand and define what it is they need from their leaders. Effective leadership development requires a partnership between all parties involved. We facilitate this partnership through:

  • Supporting the organisation to set the standards and expectations needed
  • Helping individuals assess themselves against agreed competencies
  • Helping the organisation to appropriately support the leader’s development
  • Providing independent challenge, assessment and feedback
  • Helping the individual to develop and maintain a high level of desire and motivation to become a more competent leader
  • Developing the individual’s confidence, skills and capability through tailored development support

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