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Management Development

Creative and innovative management development programmes – flexible, enjoyable and specifically tailored to your industry.

Running from 1 to 3 days, dependent on objectives, content and desired approach, we tailor all our programmes to meet you needs and those of your people. Including directed learning and/or coaching support between modules, our bespoke range of training courses involve outdoor activities, community programmes and team building events throughout the UK.

Our programme content and benefits include:

  • Focusing on personal efficiency and effectiveness
  • Contains leadership, team development and facilitation
  • Incorporates problem solving, process and continuous improvement methodologie
  • Includes managing the performance of others
  • Focusing on interpersonal skills – such as communication and influencing
  • Involves coaching, counselling and mentoring
  • Helps build capacity to change personally and manage change in others
  • Improves strategic thinking skills and judgement
  • Helps assertiveness and confidence building
  • Develops innovation and creative idea generation
  • Improves team working

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