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Team Development

Helping leaders and teams to develop and achieve high performance levels by working with them on their roles, relationships, objectives and goals.

Using a process of facilitation and profiling tools, we help leaders and teams understand what helps or hinders team development; what generates team growth, how their personal preferences and behaviour can affect relationships and how they can establish the best environment for truly effective development.

Using the process of facilitation, we help the team develop by:

  • Becoming clear about its purpose, objectives and goals
  • Ensuring individual team roles are clear and understood
  • Developing and improving team relationships
  • Enabling the team to agree rules and processes and then follow them
  • Ensuring the contribution, energy and ideas of every person in the team are heard
  • Maintaining focus to ensure successful outcomes are achieved
  • Confronting abuses of power and inappropriate decision making
  • Ensure time is well managed
  • Focusing on co-operation rather than competition and conflict

Team Building Events

With many enjoyable and creative events organised in a suitable location for your organisation, we help teams to work more effectively by learning to play together.

Our team building events are designed to help you and your team work more closely, improve communication, networking and sharing of ideas. We can organise and run team building events throughout the UK from 10 – 30 people.

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